ACT Machinery B.V. is a manufacturer of cutting machines that thinks with its customers for years, advises, supports where necessary and quality is of paramount importance. A cutting machine manufactured by us in the Netherlands meets the highest requirements solely by the use of high-quality products. Where others fall behind, we follow the latest developments and through our partnership with Hypertherm’s high quality standards, reliability and high productivity guaranteed.

In case of personnel change at your company ACT Machinery B.V. provides machine and software training (Nest Master, Turbo Master and ProNest), causing a high (er) productivity. Setting up your business is also part of our expertise – with regard to logistics processes. ACT Machinery B.V. is also your partner if you have special needs in the field of automation and improve your productivity. On a first visit, we, feel free inventory of your existing machine and create a report here. Placing skilled technicians and maintain your machine (s). Telephone support is for us a piece of cake and .., important: cost savings. With our knowledge, we are always at your service.